How does flexibility pricing work?

How do I make a booking?

Can I make changes to an existing booking?

Can I book within 48h?

Can I make special requests for the housekeeping?

How can I cancel a booking?

Do you serve on weekends and bank holidays?

What's included in a housekeeping service?

What do your housekeepers not do?

Can I book linen on it's own?

Can you wash my sheets and towels?

What's included in the linen service?

What does a check-in include?

What if my guest is running late for check-in?

When should I book a check-in for?

Can you do back-to-back bookings?

What if my guests haven't checked out when your housekeeping team arrive?

How do I give you my keys?

Can you use my lockbox?

How many sets of keys do you need?

Will you give my guests your set of keys?

Can you collect my keys?

Can you collect keys from my concierge?